Hope for Harvest 11th October 2014

On Saturday 11th October 2014, the youth at Allesley Park Evangelical Church, assisted with members of the Church pushed 7 trolleys rammed pack with goods donated by the Community, from the Church Building in Whitaker Road, Allesley Park to Coventry Cathedral.   Members of various activities of all ages at the Church supported this event by prayer, decorating,  donating and providing scarecrows to decorate the trolleys.

The youth and helpers battled misbehaving trolleys, heavy rain down pours and tiredness to reach the Hope for Harvest all age service at 3pm, and won the prize for best decorated tractor – the Combine Harvester.

Thanks to all involved in this worthy cause, and for all those who walked trolleys back, youth leaders who got gunged, those who helped load the Foodbank trolleys (they needed an extra van to cope with the food) and supported this special event.