Belonging to APEC

Membership of the Church of Christ (The Body of Christ) is through faith in Jesus Christ. Anyone and everyone who puts their faith in Christ to save them becomes immediately and automatically a member or part of His worldwide church.
Ephesians ch 1 v 22-23

Membership of The Church should be practically expressed and demonstrated through involvement with, and identification with a local church. A congregation of believing people in an area.
Romans ch 12 v4-8 Colossians ch 3 v 12-17

The bible does not appear to give us specific instructions as to how believers are to register their commitment to a local church in a formal way. Certainly there is nothing in scripture about a formal church membership- the signing of pledges, the granting of voting rights or whatever.

Despite the apparent informality of the New Testament church it is evident that leaders and believers had a clear idea as to who was part of their church. Elders no doubt knew who they could count on and for whom they had pastoral responsibility.
1 Peter ch 5 v 1-4

It seems that believers in New Testament times signalled their membership, fellowship, belonging too by:

  • Their agreement with the Apostles Doctrine.   Acts ch 2 v 42
  • Their attendance at the meetings arranged for the fellowship. Hebrews ch 10 v 25
  • Their support of its ministries.   1 Peter ch 3 v 15     Colossians ch 4 v 2-6
  • Their care for fellow believers.    1 Corinthians  ch 12 v 12-31   Phil ch 2 v 4
  • Their willingness to take some responsibility for the work, and health of the church.  Gal ch 6 v 2   Romans ch 12 v 1-8
  • Their acceptance of the authority of those whom God had called to leadership. Hebrews ch 13 v 17

At APEC we will consider those who have trusted Christ and who meet with us regularly to be part of the “family” of APEC. Those who feel that APEC is their church and want to be part of it are expected to demonstrate that by:

  • Agreeing with our statement of faith
  • Respecting our practices-
  • Supporting the programmes, activities and services where appropriate
  • Acknowledging the gifting and authority that God has placed in the church
    Romans  ch 12 v 6-8
  • Contributing financially, in proportion to how the Lord as blessed, to the needs of the and ministries of the fellowship.  Luke ch 6 v 38  2 Corinthians ch 9 v 6-7
  • Agreeing with and being enthusiastic about fulfilling APEC’s mission statement.

Basically if a person is a believer in Christ and feels and shows themselves to be part of our family then the elders, and the church will regard them as exactly that. Such people are welcome at and encouraged to attend all services and activities of the church and will be included in consultations and discussions about the future development of the fellowship.
They will not only be encouraged but expected to attend business meetings and show an interest in the development of the church.

The elders wish the church to be a friendly haven for all and any who wish to attend the services even if they belong to another church. From time to time Christians will want to enjoy teaching and friendship of the church but for various reasons will not want to get too deeply involved or may not see eye to eye with our beliefs and practices, We want to offer friendship and support to any in this position without the pressure to join the fellowship


What is required of people as church members of a local church:-

  • Attend the services
  • Contributing to the financial needs of the fellowship
  • Serve according to your ability
  • Tell others and invite to services/activities that are organised
  • Help manually if you are physically able
  • Enjoy worshipping God
  • Encourage and support each other.

If you want to know more please speak to one of the Elders or